ATV PICTURES SDN BHD, is an established company that dabbles in the  production of films and videos locally, the company offers post production  services at affordable prices while retaining the highest quality that will serve to  satisfy their clientele. ATV PICTURES SDN BHD, strongly believes in producing  custom-made works to suit their clients wants and needs and also in achieving  the objectives set by the customers. 

At ATV PICTURES SDN BHD., we are able to handle any production project  that ranges from films, tele-movies, dramas, documentaries to musical  programmes for the local television stations. Our strength lies in our ability to  diversify and adapt our sources to suit each client who have varied expectations  and targeted audiences. The only strengthens our credibility, capability and ability in producing  an entertaining product that is high in excellence and has managed to meet the  standards set by the present movie-goers who are savvy and wise in their choice  of movies. 

We, at ATV PICTURES SDN BHD are constantly committed in providing  the highest possible quality in our productions and other services that are offered  to our valued customers. This challenge that we have set on our company  benefits both the customers and our company. Every customer who have dealt  with us can testify that their satisfaction is guaranteed and this in turn spells a  good reputation for ATV PICTURES SDN BHD. as we have managed to maintain  an unblemished record for thus long and our clientele continues to grow  alongside our reputation. 



The office reception will have personnel dealing with customers via telephone calls or other communication medium. Appointments and other dealings in regards to dates and schedules will be prepared from the reception.